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From minute to large portable tripod Answered

Hey, could someone please make an instrucable which enables your average person to make a tripod which can fit in ones pocket but expand to full standard tripod height when pulled out? Large tripods are too bulky to carry around, but small tripods aren't very practical for taking pictures from the right height.


I know this is not going to solve the problem, but it may spark an idea: I remember long time ago, that some of the "tent poles" we had for our family tent, were adjustable by twisting the segments that fit snugly into one another, until they were loose (about a half twist), drawing them longer or shorter as one preferred and then a twist and they were back to a snug fit. This sounds like it would require "poles" that were a bit out of round, so manufacturing the poles one's self may take some equipment most wouldn't have, and I have no idea if they are available elsewhere.......just a thought.

Nice idea, can anyone think of a way that this could be made? Anyone hae any alternative suggestions if not?

The twist to tighten idea would mean the poles would have to be "either" slightly out of round OR have a more complex way of tightening. I am not so familiar with machining parts, so I haven't a clue as to how difficult this might be.

Thank you for your additional idea, hopefully some other people will be able to expand on this.

it looks like you need a 'string tripod'
This would be your best bet, as pointed out, its impossible to make a normal tripod that can do this.

Perhaps I should elaborate, the main reason I want a tripod is so that I can take pictures of myself and my girlfriend when we go out places (using the timer setting). This type of picture stabilisation is impractical. Thanks for the suggestion though. Still open to ideas...

in which case, you want something like the Gorillapod which you can latch onto a tree, or a lampost.

Or a Monster Pod Which is like a big suction cup.

Ive looked all over for a portable tripod, and this is the best i can find,

The only other option would be to make a folding podmonopod

Which is basically an extendable walking stick like item, which can be used in many ways, but some of them (like the one in the link) come with a little three legged base.

It's frustrating because sometimes you could be in the middle of nowhere and there is nothing to latch the tripod onto, it simply needs to be the right height.

well i would suggest contructing something along the lines of the monopod. then have a small tripod base - like in the links, and also a spike, which allows you to stab it into soft ground.

I'm a novice, I feel the need for someone to construct one and base an instructable on this process. It would be ideal, if, like the one pictures, it had the legs that came out like a tripod as well as a spike.

i see, well lets try and make it a bit simpler - you can buy a collapsing walking pole. then basically create a fitting at the top for the camera. then make a simple spike to attach at the bottom. The tripod will be a bit harder - but you can buy pocket tripods that could be attached.

Good idea, now I just have to see someone make one before I start!

hey, i found this when i was browsing - it mite do what you need (taking pics of you and your gf) quik-pod

That is one of many items I have viewed in the past, unfortunately it does not guarantee stability.

That monopod you linked me to is sweet, but rather expensive.


With some milling, lots of turning and boring, and other machining, plus the use of titanium for high strength with low weight, it might fit in a pocket and support a small cheap digital camera. But made by an "average" person...? Hmm, that'll take some special design work.

General question, if you were stuck with using a fixed-height tripod, what height would you want?

Interesting points, I'd be looking for at least 4 feet.