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Front Page Featured Comment Answered

SFGate added a new widget to their front page - a Featured Comment box. Someone commented on one of my Instructables that they wished they could favorite the comments because they were so fun to read.

It would be neat if there was a box on the front page with a single Featured Comment, or part of a comment. The folks who have the ability to Feature an Instructable could be given the ability to also Feature a comment.

You really don't need many. I'd probably only keep the most recent 10 or so in the queue. You could use a simple JavaScript form to submit a comment to the queue. Tell the folks with permission to only put the best of the best in there. Even if it stuck on the same cool comment for a couple of days, that's ok. It would be maybe a minute or so to add a comment by cut and paste to the queue. If you each only do one a week it would be full constantly.

It could lead folks to the Instructable, or even the Commenter.

In the SFGate box it looks like they just choose the featured comment editorially. I'm not sure how often it changes. I think just whenever they decide to change it. I've never seen one persist for more than one day. It doesn't change with reloads; that's why I think it is chosen editorially.

I love a lot of my comments.


Cool. I love ratings on comments. I think they should pop one on the front page too. The install didn't work for me. I have to read through his Instructable in detail. I'm sure someone commented it.

I successfully installed it multiple times - what seems to be the problem?

I didn't get a script link. I've used and written Greasemonkey scripts for a couple of years so it isn't new to me. Although I'm really curious to see how he is storing the data. Seems like it must be some brilliant coding. Is he storing the data on his server? Very generous. I can't imagine any other way and can't wait to read through his script. Hopefully I'll be able to follow it. I'm sure to learn something. I just couldn't get a download link for the .xpi. I'm sure it's probably explained somewhere in the Instructable. I just need to read through it. Unless you know why the script link wouldn't come up. I've checked to make sure the sites are not script blocked. I deleted the comment on my Orangeboard until I get a chance to read the details and find the problem. Thanks for your help Li Rain.

Ahh. Yeah, in the ible there is a link to install the greasemonkey addon depending on which browser you use.

Then you sign up and post the comment to your OB (and delete afterwards for security). Then you go back to the page you got the little code from and refresh it. And you get a nice install link! :D

I don't recall how the data is stored...you may be correct. IIRC NachoMahma hosts the scripts; he may also host the rest of the data needed. :)

I already have Greasemonkey. I use it and I've written scripts for myself with it. Maybe one of my other scripts conflicted with it.

OK, just making sure. :-) (actually now that I reread your comments I see that...doh!) It did take a couple tries for me - you say you went to that little signup page, signed up, c/ped the code to a comment on your OB, went back to the signup page and refreshed - and you didn't get a link?

Yeah, that's exactly what happened. I still haven't had a chance to read through the 'ible yet though so I'm not giving up. Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to fix it.

You can rate comments with zach's script.