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Fuel Cell Projects for The Evil Genius :-( Answered

For my birthday I asked for (and got) the book Fuel Cell Projects for the Evil Genius. At first I liked it a lot. It had good information, and some really cool looking projects.

What I started to realize though is that many of the instructions for many of the projects just say to go out and buy something from the author's store. The entire instruction for the Desktop Hydrogen storage unit was 2 pictures and a link to his store. This really made me sad. I bought this book because I don't really have the budget to go out and buy a lot of premade stuff.

Has anyone else bought this book, or does anyone else have any thoughts about this?



10 years ago

um... google should be your best friend, just look up how to make the part give me some part names and functions, i'll be able to help you


Reply 10 years ago

I've been trying that but it's been hard to find all of the stuff I wanted. It's just a hydrogen pressure storage unit.