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Full Size Bender Bending Rodriguez Answered

Here's a labor of love: a full-size replica of Bender from Futurama that took Des Bromilow months of spare time to put together. After posting the pictures of the results, he then went back through his archives of photos and documented all the steps of putting it together. Awe-inspiring stuff!

Bender is finally finished
via MAKE


I found 2 projects ages ago that could top that :D

First of all: the life size bender that is also a beer brewery :D (yep like in the episode)


And second: the life size bender that is a pc :D (and even more awesome is that the diskdrive is in his mouth so he'll eat your games :p)


Both feature WIP pictures and the end result :)

Now when will we see ibles here? :D

That one is my favorite too. Especially because it actually happend in one of the episodes. And such a quality built of Bender :)

Although the one you posted is very nice as well :)

Wow,. good work.