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Full-size plywood spacecraft Answered

Pete Hennessey of Melbourne, Australia has made a series of full-size plywood replicas of space-related items. Amazingly enough he modeled them in Illustrator and the whole process of making a model of Hubble took him three months to make. Yow!

peter hennessey: my hubble
via MAKE


He should post an Ible' on how to make this. Step by step.

Uh, is anyone else thinking of Star Wars? L

As in full scale replica of the Milennium Falcon? I'm with ya buddy!

You need to click on rich editor when you write your 'L'. Because with the normal editor, it doesnt let you use the enter key. :-(

Yes I know, but sometimes I can't be bothered...


Plywood death star. Enough said.

I want a plywood space ship mock up...

jasongroupindustries says it all!

Dang, that's awesome.


8 years ago

Wow, cool. :D