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Full size remote car? Answered

I was wondering if any one knows if there is a double sided rack and pinion steering for a full size car. this would allow the car to have 2 steering wheels, one on right and one on the left.
Does someone make kits for this? I reminber seeing mail cars and driver ed cars haveing this, do any one know how it is doen?

thank you.    


Most racks don't go all the way across the front end so that wouldn't work like you are thinking. I've seen it done by linking the steering shafts just past the firewall by sprockets and motorcycle chain.


Though actually, the mail carriers I've seen either use vehicles which are entirely driven from the "passenger" side, or (when they're using their own car) do ugly things like using passenger-side pedals and steering with one hand reaching across the car... which is sorta almost OK if you're never going more than 10MPH, though I doubt the police are happy about it.

You want 4 steerable wheels on the road?
You'd need to replace your rear axle with the front-end off of another vehicle.