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Fully magnetic motor blueprints/plans? Answered

Hey Guys!
Currently making something in class that requires to be autonomous(almost).
for that, I need a magnetic motor. the only problem is I cannot find any info anywhere.
for the project, we are using human-produced movement to turn the shaft of the motor.


Are you referring to the supposed perpetual motion or over unity motors? Cause they don't work.

it is exactly what I am reffering to, but I don't really need it to turn perpetualy, since there would be a small mechanism transfering the movement of your leg to that motor to make it continue to turn.

Are you wanting to make a motor or a generator? If you leg is going to keep it moving then what's the point? Are you trying to create power or just a modified fly wheel?

I am trying to create power. you would have a small mechanism attached to your leg that uses the movement between your upper leg and your lower leg to make the " Over unity " motor keep spinning and since it does not slow down fast ( at lest not as fast as a normal dc motor) it would keep producing current when your leg is not moving and thus not needing too much complex circuitry to bring the output current to DC current.

Then your not looking to make a magnetic motor you want to make a generator with a good fly wheel to help keep up the momentum when the movement stops. The down side is the added energy needed to get eh fly wheel up to speed but once its there it takes very little to keep it moving.

Once again magnetic motors don't work the way you are thinking. There is always the problem of the opposite poles still being within range of each other and slowing everything down. Causing as much pull as the common poles repeal each other. So you get no benefit.

Hmm... I guess you're right xD I'll try a few configurations with different flywheel sizez and different motor sizes. Thanks!

ALL normal motors are "magnetic". What are you looking for ?

look at the answer form mpilchfamily. this is what I am looking for. or at least plans to build it.

there's no such thing as an over unity motor. If all you want to do is generate electricity all you need is a dc motor.

indeed but it would not give you a continous dc current since your leg does not always move.

you seem to be under the impression you can somehow 'get something for nothing ' by merely saying it. If you pedalled into the motor, took its output and charged a battery you could them discharge the battery back into the motor.

hmm... didn't quite get that xD why would I want to empty my batteries into the same motor?

ho haha!
What I had in mind was to have the motor hooked to a flywheel so that if you put enough force mechanical force into it, the flywheel will keep its momentum for a bit of time, which will hopefully keep the motor from stopping while your other leg is moving forward.

Are you talking about those little wire loop motors?