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Fun Things to Do - Alzheimer's Eye Test Answered

This is a really fun thing I discovered. Count how many "f"s or "F"s are in the following passage. Finished files are the result of years of scientific study combined with the experience of years... Did you count 3? Well, congratulations. you're wrong! In fact there are actually 6. (Count them!) The reason for this? The brain cannot process "of" as individual letters when reading! Of course, if you counted 6 first time then you must either be a genius or... well... just happen to know how to spell "of". Leave a comment behind, and tell me what you think.


i got 6..jollyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Hi friends...plz tel how to slove this...plz...


9 years ago

I got 6

I counted 4

I got 13... OH! you said following now I got 8

. I counted three ... twice. Not until I read the explanation and looked at the sentence letter-by-letter did I see six.

I counted three.....

I happen to know that "of" has an "f" in it, so I counted 6. Perhaps you're supposed to read it, then someone asks you how many f's were in it?


Er, I counted 6...