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Fun activity ideas to teach about germs and better hygiene? Infection control and hygiene games, songs or worksheets? Answered

We are compiling a free guide for parents, teachers, administrators, health professionals and so forth to get the word out about germs and better hygiene.

We want all types of ideas!  They can be complex or simple, cheap or expensive, crafty or basic, etc.!  If you want to be on the list to get a free idea then jus message "OUTFOX" or email info@OUTFOXprevention.com


Would this in any way be related to your online business of selling things to be used for teaching about germs and better hygiene?


Related but we give most information away for free and have a foundation geared solely towards giving materials to struggling schools. Specifically, distributed for free by Parents Against School Based Illnesses (www.PASBi.com) and posted on our school blog (http://www.outfoxprevention.com/home/events-and-charity-causes/school-and-home-hygiene-blog). Thanks for your question.

Without looking at the educational-material, what is your fundamental-approach to this "good/bad" bacteria area?


We always promote a responsible approach in regards to hygiene and infection control. We don't support the need for sanitary areas or the elimination of germs. We emphasize the need to adopt a few good hygiene habits that will maintain an environment that avoids illness and disease. What is your approach?

Your business is in "bad" germs; do you avoid mentioning other bacteria for simplicity or (reasonably) leave that are to educators?
I just wonder who covers that area if it's not yoghurt-vendors.


Here is a bit on good germs that we talk about. http://www.squidoo.com/hygiene-myths

We do refer to good germs in a lot of our lessons. We haven't specifically focused a lesson on it but we would love to sometime in the future. We can alert you when we do... or you can pass on an expert you find for the subject so we can develop some free resources! Thanks for the perspective.

I repair sewer equipment and build sewer inspection cameras for a living. I think something should be said for having a BALANCED attitude about this subject of "germs"which might include avoiding overly-fearfull attitudes. I have seen co-workers covered head-to-toe with mud and dirt from cleaning sewerlines....( and it WASN'T mud)! I repair the equipment, so i only get my hands dirty. Of course I wash my hands many times a day, and the men I work with take showers before going home. But... i don't see myself or my co-workers getting the flu or colds or anything else any more often than when i worked at other jobs! Our society is over-sensitive to the risk of germs, and some people become obcessed with cleanliness to a point where they cannot touch a fellow human without wearing a plastic glove! There are germs in the air we breathe, in the water we drink, in the food, and everything we touch! If a person takes reasonable precautions against them, they will be ok usually. Someday every person dies, so it is not good to be overly worried about germs. You asked for "all kinds of ideas".. and i believe SOME mention of this should be made in your teaching materials to avoid excessive fears in some students.


Great perspective and great example! We definitely fight the battle with educators that they should focus on responsibility and not germ elimination (see Hygiene Theory and Germaphobia). Here is a piece we are working on so people can focus less on germs "everywhere" and just focus on a few good hygiene habits that will help them avoid illness and disease. http://www.squidoo.com/hygiene-myths
Thanks for the story- I will use your example if that is ok...

You would be better off contacting HQ with an offer to sponsor a themed contest.