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Fun in an Orb Answered

Rolling down a hill in a tire just got a tech upgrade. The buzzball, described as a "hamster ball for humans" is the new creation from Evento, a New Zealand company that creates, well, interesting forms of kinetic entertainment. The Buzzball recreates the feeling of being on an upside-down roller coaster in all its nausea-inducing glory. However, unlike the other products from Evento, the Buzzball does not come in the shape of a bathroom item.

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what if it went under water!?!?!

just add 2000 lbs weights and you can go underwater

Want. NOW!
Next to running up a down escalator and obtaining a high-speed camera, this is my new life goal!

This should be a contest prize.

Ran up a down escalator, it was fine. Now, running down an up escalator.. That is hella scary and I'm never doing it again. Just kidding, it's like an extreme sport. :D

at a computer store in taiwan, one of the employees went down the up escalator by sliding on the metal parts (on the side). basically, feet on the metal supports for the brushes, and hands loosely gripping the handrails

go to a shopping mall on a weekday just before closing and do it , theres nobody there so they dont mind

I went up an escalator once with my hands and feet on the rails. The ultimate goal is to put one foot on the up rail, one on the down rail and sit there spinning round.

 there was this one escalator and i climbed over the side as soon as I got on and held on with my hands dangling all the way up

You do know that the escalator steps are metal, and have lovely sharp corrugated edges? When you fall off the rail and bounce, that's something to keep in mind :-)

Oh definitely, I was thinking of doing it at the bottom of the escalator. Maybe with a helmet.

LoL imagine doing it in one of these, like on your back :P


 I also used a conveyor belt as a treadmill in the wal mart it was awesome but i got banned from the walmart but i hate walmart anyway

i bet this is tons of fun

For the guys talking about escalators...

this is a cheap rip off of the zorb

actually, these wheels are motorized. not a rip-off.

Not nearly violent enough (like the zorb). It took all the fun away!


9 years ago


total zorb rip-off! zorbing isn't available in America yet : ( but you get into a little plastic ball thats suspended in a bigger plastic ball by chords and roll down a hill! w00t! w00t!

I wonder if this has enough power to rotate the 'driver' in the orb if it is put on a stationary platform... Or, add wheels to the platform for wild rotating fun! Add glasses with with two little LCD's for 360 video simulation... We wants the precious!

Ok what is the price and when is it available in the US

Doesn't seem like it's available for sale yet...but given the prices of the company's other products, it seems like it's going to be mighty expensive.

I NEED TO GET or make one to roll down my hill


10 years ago

if this isn't up for sale in the next 5 minutes, i'm gonna MAKE the buzzball V2 in my secret lair, wait, u didn't here that!

Wow! what a cool toy!

super awesome...

Looks like a zorb, in the words of Spl1nt3rC3ll WANT NOW

i can has buzzball now?

That looks vomitastic!

Guh....guh....guh........It's like my life's dream has been fulfilled!

In the words of Labot2001: Dear santa.....

I want this SOOOOO much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the words of Labot2001: Dear santa.....

That literally made me LOL. Thank you, sir.


That's three wants in one week... Maybe I should start a list?


It's a hard-shelled Zorb?

Except that you control where you go.

YES YES YES YES YES YES WHERE CAN I GET ONE!!!!!!!! or make one....

how much is it coz i want one