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Fun question #4! Answered

if you were lost or stranded some where would you eat your dead companions body if you were starving?


Yeah, I'd probably cook as much as I could of it, and yes I'd make stock with the bones, I reckon a few lentils and it'd be like bacon and lentil soup, and yes I'd probably carve much of it similarly to pork, no eating the brain/stonmach/liver/kidneys/intestines well maybe traditional sausages... Would avoid the lungs but would eat the heart, I'd eat the buttocks and legs first since they'd be easy to carve up, then the arms and finally have some ribs and any stomach meat I can get, probably wish they had a six pack under a beer belly for maximum food takings.

i do this with dead pc,s not eat them but rip thir guts out and use them as organ donors! like you i am a sick puppy!! hehe wanna make a plot! *muhaah*!

i will eat a person if I had to..

I would If it came right down to it, I'd try to make as much like bacon as posible though...

Also I believe that a female companion would yield less meat in general but would be way less disturbing to carve up for me, I'd get half way up the leg of a dude and just start going, 'awww nasty dead guy knob' then have trouble eating the rest....

I would do this haha and I would learn how to do a autopsy! food for thoght!

I suppose because then you'd be in bed with a girl and go to sleep and wake up screaming thinking what if I ate her... No not that way or she'd say do that and you knawed on her foot.

Maybe I'll just have a powerbar instead... oooh new people flavour, all my dietary needs in a handy snack to go...

dude you are disturbed :O I think you have the makings of a serial killer/cannibal.

This isn't a very fun question...

See the publish date? Easy Button had been posting "Fun Question" forums, so I thought WTF why not?

Opps I already said that didn't I my brain isn't working right now

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! your 2tb maxtor is going? get linuxhaxxor!

Almost makes you want to become a vegetarian, eh ?

nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooo! you dare ruin my plot good bye vegs! HHEHEHEHEH LOL *muhhhha*

Have you seen any of Discovery Channel's Body Extreme: Pushing the Limits, series ?

lol lemonie may eat it as in your brain! 'whats that?
*slam* *drill* *splat*'

are you drinking tequila you seam like thAT?


10 years ago

I would eat him only if it was a him (I don't think I could butcher a lady :O)

I dont know your gender, but my opinion as a male is that its better to eat the opposite sex. Eating the same sex would make it harder than it already was.

no, Ima Hogg (that;s a real person...)

yea I read about A set of twins named Ima and Ura Pigg :) although Superman or 4real might be worse.

plutarch and aeropaja are two of the weirdest I've heard....

north Korea and South korea true story, and Thirteena is a fav.

Thrteena?! That would make a good Cheaper by the Dozen sequel....... to the guy above, its not Ima Pigg, its Ima Hogg. She's a rodeo something....I don't remember... There's also a basketball player called Majestic Moon. His brother has a similar name.....


10 years ago

Of course! They're dead, and don't need the corpse; I do. Which reminds me, I've got an awesome Instructable to put up this weekend... ;D