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Fun things to do by yourself with nothing but yourself.? Answered

I need some fun things to do when you dont have anything.


When I was a boy. I found this old stick in the bush. that turned into a gun ,aeroplane ,boat, it was magic. an all I had to eat was a piece of bark and I was gratefull.LOL


7 years ago

look up stuff on instructables because your on it right now

My usual solution? Create. Make anything, make stories, make songs, make machines, make art. For example:

Two men run into a grocery store, gasping for breath. One of them yells at the other that it wasn't right for him to take the fish, and he should return it. Explain why in a paragraph or so.

Take a notebook, rip out a sheet, and try to fold something useful out of it. This usually ends up in homemade comic books for me, but I once built a tiny paper pistol that shot paper bullets.

Try to invent something using only the following: a sheet of aluminum foil, a rubber band, and a paper clip. Document. Make instructable :).

Pick a store, bank, office, whatever in your town and think of and document how you would rob it. Include what tools you would use, who would help you, everything.

If you take the audio tour of Alcatraz (which is fantastic because it's narrated by former inmates and guards) you eventually come to the solitary confinement cell. It's a box about 8 feet on a side, no window, no light, no furniture, no nothing. The narrator at that point is a guy who spent a lot of time in that cell and he tells of a game that he made up. Complete darkness, nothing but himself. He'd rip of a button, trow it in the air, sin around a few times and see how long it would take him to find it. Okay, it's not Guitar Hero, but it goes to show that "imagination" is always available even if tools aren't. I have a friend who drives town cars. He spends a lot of his time just sitting and waiting for people. While he's doing that he writes songs. Just starts singing. Usually goofy songs about cookies or monkeys or whatever. It's great fun.

That's pretty fun sounding (all things considered). I remember hearing about a POW who (being in confinement) played a full round of golf in his head every day. he Imagined everything. Even down to the weather.  Necessity is the mother of invention. . .


8 years ago

Volunteer. Take long hikes. Learn to draw. Ride a bike. Carve wood. Get a job.

I'm not describing this very well -- it's easier to demonstrate -- but here's a semi-hypnotic effect that may entertain and confuse you for a while... Stand in a doorway, facing into or out of the room (ie, parallel with the wall), with your right foot about 6" from the door frame and your feet separated by about 8-10 inches. Your heels should be in line with the doorway. Now try to lift your left foot straight up. Note that I said "try". If I've caught you correctly, it will feel as if your body is forbidding you to do so. You may be able to pick it up for a moment, but it will immediately slam back down again. To break the spell, lift your right foot again and step forward or back out of the doorway. Now try to explain it.

Could you please describe this a bit more. sounds interesting.

'like' but WAY more fun.

Learn self-hypnosis. It's fun, it releaves tension, it cures insomnia (swolleneyeball), it passes time and it's LEGAL.

playing with yourself is a healthy and natural part of growing up, and being grown up, and growing old... :D

stretch. no really. see if you can put your foot behind your head. if you can stretch it out and work at it. then try other foot. then both. then no handed then puting it there with out your hands. trust me i had insomnia during a blackout at night for two days. its always helpful. even if only to know you can. close your eyes and imagen your self swaying to one side then other. try to get sea sick. (never tryed tell me how works out)


8 years ago

work out (sorry I know not terribly fun), sing, dance, if you have access to pen and paper you could doodle or write a story. think about what you've done to get yourself into this situation...

I assume you can get paper and pen or pencil. Write a letter to someone or start a book.

Teenage kicks... L