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Fun with Djradio's SR-L crossbow (mods) Answered

This crossbow is prob my favorite...Its very easily modified!! Check out my mods and post your mods YAY With just about any mod.... THIS HAS POWER!


super modded longbow for the official v2! 2 days till post day

bow new 001.JPG

he dj you are a geat builder because you make thing with all your knex you have and i like that yoor crossbow looks asome and i really hope you gona buy more knex because you can make even better guns than your crossbow

sure, I plan on getting more knex before I work on my sear system sniper rifle.

did hey pay you to say that???..... just kidding. he really should get more knex

no really he has really less knex but he makes really good guns

i know he has not much knex. and i know the ebay thing.

thats the point ( 0)U(0 ) <--- my new wickid cool smiley face