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Fun with rockets and planes. Answered

Okay. I am building a plane from scratch designs (will post about it when i complete it) and I am planning on having a booster rocket to well to boost it. The only issue i have is with my igniter system. What im curious about is, would I be able to use a relay wired to an extra channel on my reciver?
If so, what relay would be best?  (voltage,amperes,etc)



Never tried rocket assisted take off But I have tried Bungee launching gliders.

You take 50 feet or more of surgical tubing and then attach to it another 100 feet or so of line (fishing line is often used. Stake the runner down (VERY WELL) and pull back it stretches a L O N G way - Attach your glider to the fishing line get set and let go.

Now the next few seconds will be a blur - even with my 2 meter wing span glider it goes off quite fast until you start to pull back on the elevator to apply drag.

The other problem is a bit like the rocket Once started it's no going back and no control until the rocked or rubber is exhausted.

Advantage of the rubber is it's reusable and very low tec.

If you're convinced rockets are the way to go then this bungee system would probably be a good way to make sure the aircraft can handle that sort of sudden propulsion without the danger of setting everything on fire. Make sure to hook the bungee up in such a way that it will replicate the position the rockets will be firing from (in body, under body, etc).

If you plan to use model rocket motors and igniters then any relay that can handle 6V or more will do the job and yes you can tie it into an open channel on your receiver. Motel rocket motors don't need allot of power to ignite.

so would it be possible/effective to hook up a 9volt battery to use to ignite it?