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Fungal Fun: What are these small blue slimy wild mushrooms? And what about these big red buddies? And these...? Answered

Small Blue Slimy Mushrooms? 
Found these blue mushrooms peeking out from under damp, decomposing fallen foliage and such, behind our shed (location: Vermont).  These were maybe less than 2" tall, and they were slimy (sorta "doctored" the photo by carefully brushing away debris including pine needles that were sticking to the mushroom tops).  They're so cute! 

Big Red "Ugly" Mushrooms?
And while I'm at it with asking a mushroom related question, what are these big red ugly buddies?  They were found right nearby the blue babies above, but were growing off of a mossy tree stump.

Wavy White/Brown Mushrooms?
And while we're at the stump, what's this neat wavy growth?  It was on the top of this particular stump.

White Fungal Growth?
And again, with the stump, on the eastern side of it was this white fungal growth that I don't know what is either.

Thought I'd include a photo of all the above discoveries together, since they in fact were found in just the same area.

Giant Face-Sized Mushroom?
This photo was taken two years ago, but since I'm asking all these mushroom related questions, thought I'd spew them all out.  So, what's this giant/face-sized one?

Location for all this fungal fun is rural northern Vermont.  Having a hard time searching online, and just was hoping I might get lucky like last time with my asking about the dog puke fungus and green slime identification.  There's just so many neat things outside! :-)


The white on the log looks like some form of lichen, which is a hybrid between plant and fungus. The exact kind, I have no idea.
As for the face-sized one, it looks like a tree mushroom. Bring one with if you go camping, because they burn forever!

The first ones are Parrot mushrooms, I believe. The second one is some kind of conk, possibly Ganoderma. The third one are Trametes versicolor, also known as 'turkey tail' (Excellent when dried and ground for tea.) I've no idea what the white growth is. The last picture looked like P. ostreatus until I zoomed in.

Might I recommend a field identification guide if you plan to pursue mushroom hunting as a hobby? I have the Audubon Society field guide to North American mushrooms as well as a few book by David Arora nd Paul Stamets, and have found them invaluable in this hobby.

I think I got those blue ones once from a roadie for Phish.


8 years ago

I have no idea.  All I can suggest is that you don't eat them.

What books have you consulted so far? (Your local library probably has at least one useful volume...)