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Fungus Amungus's many forum topics! Answered

I noticed that instructables member fungus amungus has posted 710 forum topics and counting.That is alot of forum topics.I added all forum topics posted by all instructables users ever.
all users-17,210
I did the math and,unless i did it wrong,about 2.4% of all forum topics are posted by fungus amungus.


yes i am perfectly aware of both those things but STILL that is alot of forum topics!

Get on with it, Beeblebrox.

Use both heads this time, boy.

<swish of British educational cane>

He has two heads? Wow!
(Is that suppose to mean the left and right side of the brain?)

Cameron got it right - his is a photo *of* the real Zaphod.

I took a screenshot a month or 2 ago...