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Funky cabinet drawer pulls Answered

Hi, I am in the process of re-doing my kitchen and I have need for about 40 cabinet pulls/knobs. I want something interesting and am leaning towards an existing flat-top pull/knob and affixing 1/2" glass squares to it.  The pull/knob I'm considering is 1/2" wide and 4 3/4" length.


Would Expoxy be the best adhesive?

What could I do that would make the pull/knob smooth so that the cracks between the pieces of glass don't cut any fingers?  Is resin a possibility?

You Instructable-ites are so smart and creative, I can't imagine getting a more creative answer from anywhere else



I have thought of redoing my kitchen cabinets and when I do I plan on useing old spoons and forks bent and shaped as my pulls. The goodwill or yard sells are a good place to get useable flatwear for this. Just a idea to pass along that looks good and gives life to old items.

Are you overlaying some cabinet pulls you have already or will you make them from scratch?

You could do a stained glass type thing to wrap the glass pieces with leading and epoxy to the knob, inlay in a piece of wood to fit the handle, cast in resin in a mold- polish and finish later, epoxy and grout with a non-sanded grout- for fine grout lines, melt pourable metal or fill with solder...etc. Good luck.