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Funny cool ZLG trick :-) Answered

Title says it all...


LOL. I did this with TD's folding oodammo rifle

We should make it into a grenade. Make it bottom heavy so the rod sticking out hits the ground and add spacers to the rod.

I know! That was kinda the point. (Credit if it works?)

Why should I give you credit?  I'm not borrowing any ideas from you.  I will say that you inspired the idea however.

Okay. If it is what I said, you should credit, but if its kinda like it but different, maybe not.

Look out! Its the Djnade! Run for your livessss!!!!!!


I discovered this a while ago by accident (I pushed a rod in too far when loading lots of green rods to try a shotgun effect).  It's good fun, but not if it hits you in the face.


8 years ago

I've had my fun pushing rods into my triggers thank you... (Not really, it hurt.)

lol! That's awesome!

Yeah, I found this out if you take the front roof off my TJOS that works too. Cool though :P

lol, hehe, I'm gonna build that

 Golly, it sure is strange seeing the actual person behind the Username.  I manage to generate certain images or voices of people by their actions, avatars, and comments, and when I'm wrong (which is all the time), it just seems..... 


Nice video though.

Yeah, I find it wierd too.

You imagine them completely different to what they actually look like. Although, you didn't actually see my face, just the back of my head, Lol.

Dats rad dawg.


8 years ago

vey nice! ( borat style ) lolz

First, and cool little trick xD