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Funny login bug! Answered

Today I had to log out and back in again to do replies, despite all showing I am still logged in.
So this "older" bug is still going around here.
What was new though was tha after the login I ended on Rick's page instead of mine.
As I am nice and also know him I did not do anything I might regred, but I had full access until clicking on the community pages - from there on I was me again.

Landing on a wrong profile is one things but being able to check private messages and more until leaving this are could be a potential security problem.
I mean, I could have changed the Email and Password and just taken Ricks account over today... ;)



17 days ago

Many thanks, I haven't been able to log in for a week or so until today. Appreciated :-)


Reply 16 days ago

You are not saying that just because I was directed to your profile somehow that this bug unblocked your account?
Damn, I knew I should have changed your password ;)


Reply 16 days ago

:-) your making the assumption that I would care!

No I cleared my browser Cache to enable logging in again. No mystery.


17 days ago

Similar situation here. I'm still logged in, but when I try to look at my drafts or settings it keeps sending me back to the home page. I just closed my browser and reopened and nothing's changed.
I'll try logging out and see if I can just take over someone else's account.
I'm joking of course, but please fix.


OK, I logged out / in and it seems to have fixed the issue. No chance to read anyone elses messages.


17 days ago

Whoa, that ain't good. We'll write this up and hand it off to the site's engineers. Thank you for letting us know!

Would you log out, clear your cache and cookies, and try logging back in to see if you can replicate the same results? If you can, please grab a couple screenshots so we can see what you're seeing. If you'd send screenshots to our service@instructables email, we'll include that in our report. Thank you!


Reply 17 days ago

Tried a few times with the login.
First just by logging out and back in again several times.
Except for once it all went fine.
That one time I gog a 404 error, so could be nothing.
A reboot did not change anything, still good.
After clearing cache and history the loading seemed to take quite a while longer when I tried to log in.
Then I was back to the normal Instructables page and no profile, not even mine.
I guess that is how it should always be.
A few logins later and I did land on my own profile page once.

When I landed on Rick's page I had the brwoser and computer running for about 2 days until I let it go to sleep.
And yes, I browsed a few profiles during that time but don't recall Ricks with them.

However I think I might have found the culprit behind it:
My ISP introduced a "service" called fast browsing.
Here they claim it provides much faster loading times for a customer.
All they do is to cache content so I was no longer in full control of how recent a webpage is.
I contacted my ISP with an exclusion list and mentioned if that is not possible to fully disable this "feature" for my account.
Will let you know once I got a response and tried a gain a few times.


17 days ago

Regarding your first sentence, clearing your browser cache and Instructables cookies could resolve your login/ability to comment issue. Regarding the wrong profile, thank you for your report, we'll look into it right away.