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Further Advances in Invisibility Answered

As those of you who have been fervently following my posts for over a year know, last summer I was working on making myself invisible. While my the results of my experiment were lackluster, it appear that a man in China has nearly perfected the technique. He says his quest towards invisibility started in 2005 as a protest of the Chinese government who had shut down his art studio. You can see some of the results of his research here.


cant wait until invisiblty sits come out


9 years ago

Instead of making Invisible Fabrics why dont they just bend the light around the object

Because its impossible right now but when we have the technology who knows what war will be like.

haha, if we ever get invisible stuff for a war, I wanna go around in a ninja suit Slashin' people.

lol yeah, but bring a bullet proof vest and a helmet so you dont get blown to pieces.

Are you thinking of Cyborg Ninka from Mgs1? But yes that would be awesome

nah soz, Ive never really played mgs, the old one for the ps1 was kinda hard to understand XD

Lol yes and this entire post about bending light was based on that XD

Yeah like the Harry Potter cloak but thats green screen and stuff

Wait so does he paint himself?

Wow that is good art I could not ever in my dreams do somthing even close to as good as that. when i saw it at first i thought it was photoshopped.

or your arms and legs then you would be a quadropledric

No you would just paint you legs and Hover!

lmao, paint everything but your head and torso and go around in a purple suit calling yourself "Phantom Limb"

No you would paint every thing except one of your eyes

but then you couldnt call yourself phantom limb.

or lay on the ground and yell for help

Nah Just paint your entire body except your head and run around going crazy

I would paint a hole in my stomach and be the human donut

*turns around slowly and yells "You'll never get me lucky charms" *

wait i mean turns around slowly yells while running

Man this post is getting BIG


9 years ago

Cool! I think I topped him though. Here's one of me at the beach.


Dude is that my girlfriend with you? And does Wonder Woman know you have her jet? Not cool! :)

Umm i dont think your in it

You don't think my in it is what?

actually there is a a certain fabric they are using for invisibilty... you have a camera recording behind you and a projector places the image in front of you real time and real size onto the special fabric... not very practical though

face successfully melted.

You would have to paint yourself again every time.

Hehe this guy is real good :P I saw a guy in downtown montreal, he was painting on the walls with some special paint ( don't ask me what kind of paint, I dunno xD). He painted 3 people sitting on a bench and if you looked at the painting 10 meters away it looked sooo real, like they were right there I'm looking for a picture as soon as I find it...

That guy has mad crazy patience !