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Future Instructables and New Job Answered

Hello guys, its Zombiekiller-93 here and today I'm giving you a heads up on future Instructables because I started a new job several weeks ago and I just haven't got the time to be making new instructions or reviews but i can still build stuff. The only possible best chance of making the actually instructions/reviews is during the spring and summer holidays since that is I prefer to make them. Sorry to those that really love seeing my creations but my paid job has to come first but I will try my very best to get new stuff onto instructables. I still be leaving comments and favourites so I 'am still around. 


As D M M said, job comes first. You will probably end up finding time to build, just not very often. Congratulations on the new job, though. :)

Job comes first. Plus, you will have more money to buy more knex.

I've got enough K'nex Monkey, it just that I don't have the time to make instructions/reviews, only during the spring and summer are best the chances. And I have just bought a second hand camera of ebay.