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'Futuristic' Furniture Answered

Hey guys. Futuristic furniture. The future of furniture!

Now, furniture is cool, especially when it is cool, wacky, wierd and wonderful!

Take a look at some of these cool 'futuristic' funiture designs. When I say 'futuristic', I mean more advanced designs, more technically engineered stuff.

Wouldnt you just love all of this stuff in your room? You would wouldnt you! I mean, who wouldnt?


I like how they use a Mac in the picture.
Not even a modern Mac...

I wouldn't say "futuristic", I would say "thirty-five years out of date".

I'm sure some of those chairs were used by Kubrick in 2001...

I like the chair in the 5th picture, I want one. :-P

Image #1 reminds me of things I've seen on weekend-morning kids's shows...


Deek D

8 years ago

Cool- but not sure how comfortable they look/would be.....not to mention some insane price-tag, I'm sure.....still, I love checkin' out this stuff regardless!

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8 years ago


Looks too much like mordern art to me...
Too fancy.