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Fuzzy 20-sided dice Answered

Fuzzy d20's

So I bought a set of these about a week ago. I love them.


They happen to be almost totally round, any ideas to make the triangles stick out a bit? Some way of giving it sharper corners and edges?



do you still wan them to be fuzzy?

cut em' apart, then glue some cardboard triangles inside, you could arrange the triangles so that you wouldn't need any stuffing at all, all the triangles would be supporting each other

Maybe sew through opposite faces and pull the centres of the faces towards the centre of the dice? That should leave the edges and corners slightly higher.

That could work, I just need a really long needle (about two inches) and some skill... I was thinking perhaps ironing each triangle?

Fabric isn't rigid. The stuffing inside the dice is what's poofing them out, and ironing won't help :-/ Kiteman's idea is probably the best, short of making new dice from scratch with cardboard backings on each triangle. Two inches isn't that long for a needle; you can get very long ones at any decent fabric or craft store.