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Android Password Saver Answered

The result of boredom. Numbers layer tells you what each dot is labeled. The x-y layers represent the paths. X is the first dot, y is the one you move to after that. Just make the layers visible. I didn't bother making any long diagonals because I didn't feel like it and they're hard to use anyways. I find it useful to load a jpg on my miniSD so if I forget, I can go back and see what it was before I unlocked it. (I know it's overdone, but if I'm going to be using it all the time, I might as well make it pretty)


What exactly is this?? It looks like either some kind of Nand/And or gate map or either that, you're making a screensaver for your mac that involves selecting the right order of circles to unlock the machine?? Do tell me if I'm wrong.

The G1 (Phone, T-Mobile, runs Android, Android written by Google) has a very unique way of locking the screen. You draw a certain password along a 3x3 array of dots, and that is your password. When I first locked my G1, I figured it would be useful to have a way to store the locked password without writing it down crudely on paper. The pictures my be helpful.


Cool! I didn't know the android could do that!

Yeah. After playing around a few days, Android is getting better and better. It's by far the best phone I've ever had before.

Wow, That must of been some boredom, Good luck remembering it.....

Yes. Very boring indeed. An hour of pure busywork.

I guess it had some purpose...