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GBA Cartridge MP3 Answered

Hello Instructables World, I have heard that you can take out the memory in a gba cartridge and fill it with music... Is this even possible?? I would really like some feedback. Thank you


They are like 64 KB(i guess) or flash or eeprom or something, They don't store much. So probably not.

google play yan

If you can MANAGE to find the Songboy, for the Gameboy, it holds songs and I believe you can make songs. Really hard to find though.

Neither could I ever find it either. I think it is lost in the GameBoy game world. Its too bad I couldn't get my hands on it.

Tanks a lot CAU But the Things cost way to much I want the GBA X-ROM but I want to build it Do you Know how or know someone who knows how And how much do the Components cost

Building it might be interesting if you're interested about building it yourself.
If not, it could be economically interesting to build it yourself if you already have the required parts from various dismantled electronics devices.
If still not, Zachninme's advice is probably the best =o)


Don't bother building it... you'll end up putting much more money into it than its worth. So yeah, just buy it.