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GE Adora Washer won't spin Answered

I have a GE Adora washer, it will tumble the clothes in wash cycle, but will not spin, cleaned the lint filter (twice!!) and still nothing.  Any ideas or tips?


Some washers have a 'delicate fabric' button. Not sure what it's name might be on yours but if it is selected then the washer will not spin whichever program you select.

AnotherGE Adora question, it seems to be a rather crappy machine as far as this site and the internet goes...
Seek professional help or replace it. These things tend not to be user-serviceable.
The lint-filter shouldn't affect the not-spin-at all, it's possibly the control-unit and it probably needs replacing.


on the door there's a switch which tells, if the door is closed. when the door is not closed it won't spin because of safety reasons. open and close the door few times
many things can be wrong: the programator, the motor etc.

Sounds like a stuck clutch. Beyond that I can't help you.