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GH LED MOD Answered

[http://Guitar hero led mod https://www.instructables.com/id/Guitar-Hero-LED-Mod/]
For this project and i need some help quickly so...My questions are: Does this require any resistors with a 9v battery?
Wil it work fine with the regular buttons drilled out(I mean, will it shine through)? And is my wiring(below) correct (the step was kind of confusing)?



User V=IR
V = voltage in
I = current (this should be dependant on the LED, usually a couple of mA)
R = the resistor value you use
Soo... R = V/I
Butt we usually assume you loose 2v accross and LED so for you i expect it would be:
R = 9-2/(2x10-3)
Just remember to wire the leds in the correct ways round or they wont work (usually + is the longer pin)

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Most LEDs also have a flat spot in the plastic lens indicating the cathode (in this case negative) side.


9 years ago

Use an LED calculator.
--The forward voltage (drop) depends on the LED type. Red LEDs have ~1.8V drop, other colors are somewhat higher.
-- Current is 20mA max for typical LEDs. 15mA is a safe level.

LEDs are current dependent--since the number of lit LEDs will vary, you must use a separate resistor for each LED. And each resistor / LED combo must be connected directly to the battery (not in series.)

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