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GIBBERELLIC ACID MIX? When using gibberellic acid for miracle fruit tree,what is the concentration mix ? Answered

I recieved my gibberellic acid kit from united nuclear and the bottle say's 1 part acid and 1 part water to make 50% stock solution.the mixture sheet say's how to mix for 250 ppm and 500 ppm, which is the right mix? the spray bottle is marked for the 2 different concentrations of 250 ppm and 500 ppm.Which is the right mixture of these 2 or is the 1part acid and 1 part water the right mix? i am not good with numbers or measurements, so please be spcific! thankt you !!!! As requested here are the instructions for the mix.The mix is to be used on seeds from the miracle fruit tree!


Can you take a photo of the directions (or scan it) and add it to your question (by editing it and uploading the image file)?

It would really help to see it to give you the correct answer. :)

Thank you but if u need to see the product then u have not used it. i need someone who has already used it! but once again thank you!

I understand your point. There are people on this site from all walks of life, including Science Teachers, therefore being able to see the label may help in figuring out the correct ratio if you can't find anyone else who's used the product.
It might be worth a try. :)

Thanks for uploading the scan. I read it over, and I understand what they are saying.

As a concentrate the mixture is 1000 ppm (1g/L)

They say you can mix anywhere between 250 ppm (no less) up to 500 ppm. Their studies suggest that anything less than 150 ppm is ineffective and anything above 500 ppm gives you no better results (so essentially its just a waste of the product).

So, to mix the concentration at 250 ppm you would fill your bottle to the 1/4 mark and fill the rest with water. If you want to go to 500 ppm you fill the bottle half way with concentrate and the rest with water.

The ratio for 250 ppm= 1:4 concentrate + 3:4 water

The ratio for 500 ppm= 1:2 concentrate + 1:2 water

So, what you read on the bottle is correct. For 500 ppm, you need one part concentrate to one part water (which gives you half and half mixture).

I hope that's helped and answered your question. :)

It does in general,thank you very much! I have been going with the half and half mix and it seems to be workin o.k. If no one knows the best mix for the miracle fruit tree I can always try the other concentrations on some of the seeds!

Well there's definitely some flexibility in how you mix the product. You can always scale back a little at a time to figure out what still works. That way the product may last you a little longer.

If you decide at any time that you don't need more help on this question, you can mark it as "answered" by clicking on the blue button. :-)

Absolutely ,but it seems that the 50/50 mix is working very well! Thanks again teach! I guess some questions can be answered by experimenting yourself!