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GLITCH!!!!! Answered

Whenever i look at my instructable to see how many views i have it says i have 2 instructables even tho i have only 1... is this right.??


I'm glad this is not only happening to me, I thought at first I was seeing things!

The same thing is happening to me. for awhile it said I had -1 Instructables when I had 4. Now it says I have 1 when I have 5

Just to add another example, it occurs in my account as well. It shows that I have 4 instructables, when I actually only have 3.


9 years ago

When l look at your member page it only shows that you have 1 Instructable. Is it still showing that you have 2?

What i ment was, um, go on my member page and click on the instructable and look how many instructables it says i have it says i have 2 instructables... P.S. i love all ur instructables!!

Can you take a screen capture of exactly what you're looking at, and add it to the forum topic?

As Noah said above, when we look at your membership page it shows clearly that you have exactly one Instructable, and two published forum topics.

Maybe you have an unpublished one that you've been working on?

*between gritted teeth* I know that you can see it from my membership but if you actually click on the instructable and look at the instructable count it says instructables:2. i cant et a pic rite now but ill try to get 1 later

Hey, chill out. It's not nice to go off on people who are trying to help you.

i ment it like.. oh nvm... look at the pic and tell me if this is normal or if any1 else gets this glitch...

please rate and comment the 'ible too if u guys don't mind, no i didn't post this just 4 that reason, but ya just view and comment thanks!

I've forwarded this bug on to our dev team. We'll get on it in the next round of updates. For now, please bear with us and thanks for reporting the bug!

Awesome man! Thanks so much! Do you like work 4 instructables or sumting?