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GPS Repeater from a Hacked Wirelss Router? Answered

Hi all. I'm building a GPS Repeater. I'm wondering if any one has ever tried to use the LNA on the Xmit side of a wireless router to amplify and re-radiate a GPS signal?

I'm still in the research stage, but I'm thinking I can take the signal from a active GPS USB patch antenna, tie it into the LNA input on the RX side of a wireless router (hack all signals in the router- we are just interested in the power and signal input).

Schematics to a router would be great. I have 10+ years in RF, so I know that the Xmit on a router is so not 1.5GHZ range like GPS. A few mods to some componets can ceratinly help turn the center freq of the Xmit. on the router.

What are your thoughts?



6 years ago

Why would you need a GPS repeater?

Isn't the signal being transmitted from GPS sats time encoded and the calculations your GPSr does to figure out your location dependent on time? Wouldn't a repeated signal add to the margin of error? Or is my very basic understanding of the whole system way off base?