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GPS position transmitter? Answered

I am an aspiring pilot and would like to build a Personal Locator Beacon. I want an arduino type setup that would take my GPS data and transmit it every few minutes for 5 or 10 miles (or more depending on the legality) to a receiver that displays my last known position, my distance away, and my direction (from the receiver). Is this possible? It would also be nice to transmit my position via Morse code too in case my receiver was broken or could not be found.


Almost no electronics is legal in a plane unless it has been flight-certified. Basically, forget homebrewing for that application.

If I understand him correctly, he wants to make something that he would trigger ?manually? if he crashed. See the link I supplied for some possibly salient background

 think he's about 10 years old

Is this another one like the last one? (that you never even responded to)