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Annoying GPU problems Answered

While playing games and namely online games on my computer my GPU seems to crash at random times but always during actions. While playing World of Warcraft during some boss fights and in a handful of areas where the colors consist of mainly whites blues and dark grays they screen will distort all colors, freeze, and then eventually just turn black and not come back on until I restart the computer.

Motherboard: Asus P7P55D EVO
Processor: Intel i7 860 (Quad)
Memory: 8.00GB
GPU: EVGA GeForce GTS 250
PSU: 1000W
Windows 7 64bit

I checked the GPU and CPU temps and they are running at normal levels GPU stays around 40-42 without load and gets to 54-56 under load and CPU is 50 idle and 62-64 under the max load i could put it under which was only about 40% or so. I'm just trying to see what could be causing it to crash at such inconvenient times. I have updated the drivers and searched the Nvidia and EVGA websites for any other people having similar problems with no luck.?



8 years ago

im sorry to say, but unless your card is outdated, it may be dead, or dying. i had a nvidia card that was hardly running, and it could hardly start simple games from 2000


8 years ago

If those temperatures are for the GPU, it's not even breaking a sweat; however, if those are CPU temperatures I'd say you need better cooling.  64 C is awfully hot for a CPU under only 40% load, even an i7.  Are you overclocking?  If so, return to defaults and see if there's any change.  Also, use a utility like Prime 95 to max out your CPU - this will definitely let you know what your highest temperatures are within an hour or so.  If they get above 70 C, you're in danger.

I know my nVidia card didn't like a version of drivers I got a few months back, and updating them didn't seem to work until I completely uninstalled them and reinstalled the new ones.  I was having similar issues in Guild Wars (and other graphics-intensive utilities) that I couldn't pin down to overheating; after cleanly reinstalling the drivers, the problem was completely gone.


8 years ago

Turn off graphics hardware acceleration and see if that helps.

Update and reload your vid. drivers.

Your card may not be up to handling the load.