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GRENADE Answered

thats right i have recently built and tested a K'nex Grenade!...so far sooo goood!
test it out for yourself
i was very impressed w/ its power and spread
it is safe enough to carry in a pocket and when u want to use it just pull the pin and throw!


That design looks very very very familiar...did you get any inspiration from mine by any chance?

to be honest im not sure but the grenades r similar and different at the same time


Same splodies-esque firing mechanism and white snowflake center, yours are like an improved version.


Could you please post clearer pictures or instructions? I sooo want to build!!!

Yeah, I built it; AWSOME! but I had some problems, one of them was that when I took the pin off, the band would flick around, and some of the shrapnel would blow. Also, just checking, this shoots 7 bits of shrapnel, not 14, right?

7 is correct that and u shouldn't hav an issue w/ it going off when u take the pin off unless u r taking the pin off weird or something lol take some pics and show me ill let u know if u got it all correctly

Don't worry, I was wrapping the pin around the wrong way. Its really good, but my one gripe is the shrapnel count. If it was 14, then it would definitely make the best 'nade. IAC's war bomb has a shrapnel count of 18 pieces, so I find this good as an attack grenade, eg. attacking in a CTF match, while the warbomb is best for defending a base. If you could up the shrapnel count I would be..... OMG I just had an idea for a 14 shrapnel piece grenade as reliable as this!!!

bigger and better then ever my New MONSTER K'nex grenade i think u might like this one ; ) see it for yourself here! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwBN-s8w5uU


my New MONSTER K'nex grenade! bigger and badder than ever see it for yourself here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwBN-s8w5uU


Nice. Uses a similar mechanic to this: https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-splodies-grenade_1/ Nice improvements!


8 years ago

I some what like this grenade but it seems to use a pretty good amount of k'nex in my opinion. Its effective but it takes a while to put together. I rather make this grenade http://knexinnovation.net/showthread.php?637-Grenade since it is really easy to put together and it is as good as yours I would recommend you to try it out if you haven't already.

lol actually we tried those grenades out a war ago and they never seemed to work right and when they did go off they barely blew up sooo....lol ummm im going to go w/ my grenade lol thanks tho for the info b/c honestly im all about trying new things and learning from em my grenade is difficult to build but it is well worth it...i have mods for it as well that make it even better

There were links to it in the thread.....

Here are pictures/instructions. In the pictures make the following then the video will explain the rest.


to apply the pin just hook the rubberband over the green rod then wrap it around the grenade and re-hook it on the green rod...then all u have to do is slightly pull the tire(pin) and it will unwind off of the grenade... that and your Ycons r placed upside down


Yah, I did the Y connectors on purpose just because I felt that is was more sturdy but thanks for the pin tip.

yea no problem... it doesn't need to be any more sturdy...u want if to fall apart on impact more easily and in turn it will fire harder

Honestly, it's cool, but it looks like splodies, just more piece using.

it takes the splodies idea and makes it better...basically it won't blow up in your hand or in your pocket or just for the hell of it...the rod presses against the tan clip and rests between the snowflake connectors so it is secure until the protruding ends hit... lol so u r partially right but there is more to it than what meets the eye


This splodies grenade doesn't explode as easily as the others. yours uses to many rare pieces(That I don't have to spare :-P).

I'm not saying yours is bad at all, just I prefer the original.

That one is a more skeletal version of this one. I like that one more, it's the same thing (without the pin, which can easily be modded on). This one seems sturdier, but it's a LOT harder to build (it was for me, at least).

How sturdy does a grenade have to be? It is a grenade... And technically speaking, this grenade is a more bulky version of this one, looking at the dates. To me they seem the same things, just this uses a few more exotic peaces, which I don't have to spare..

It may not seems like it, but I was agreeing with you. I was essentially just restating what you said and added my 2 cents to it.

Oh, I know. I was just adding my 2 cents like you :-P

the whole point of my grenade is that u can put a lot of power on it w/out it blowing up in your face simply put my rods are pressed up against the tan clips which keeps them from accidentally miss firing plus since the whole thing is solid u can throw it further and add more bands to it for more power my grenade spreads over 50ft try it out for yourself man it is awesome i don't claim to have invented the splodie i just claim to have made it safer and better

I didn't build this (it was too hard for me to build), so I'm not sure about power, but I believe that you got 50 ft. This grenade seems like its the same as the other. But I do like the pin idea. The pin idea is actually the most important part of the grenade. Many have attempted the pin, but most have failed. This still gets a 4* because that idea was a very good idea.

it is difficult to build but the trick is placing all the white cons on one yellow rod then using a longer rod to press the other yellow rods into place...its hard but well worth the pain...anyway thanks

I built it (and LOVED it), I only used three white connectors. One at each end, and one in the middle (for the green rod). Actually, I was low on white connectors, so I used two 7-slot, blue, 3D connectors. And instead of using hinges, you can use orange connectors and normal-micro connectors (Normal on one side, micro on the other). And I don't think the Y clips are necessary.

And you can just hook the rubberbands up to the tan connectors.

The ball socket and tan clip are clipped onto a yellow rod. Wright?


8 years ago

cant wait 2 c it!

Why not post it at the same time you post this topic?