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GRL Still Up and Running??? Answered

Hey guys I have been following GRL ever sense I got into technological graffiti and graffiti that is not permanent and doesn't cause damage to a building. Unfortunately this started during this last summer. The reason this is unfortunate is because nothing on the main GRL page has been updated since that time. I am curious does anyone know if GRL is still up and running if so please and not trying to be rude, but come on guys and post something up!! It's been I think almost 6 maybe more months since their last post and it's getting aggravating. How can they expect us to try to shake the ground of society with are techy mischief if we have no one to turn to? P.S. I am from New Orleans currently living in Lafayette, LA if anyone is in the area of Baton Rouge NoLa or Laffy, please PM me I want to start a GRL group down here.


Well GRL is not down I just read an article on F.A.T. on how they made a keynote speech at SXSM so that's great news for me. But please if anyone out there is from New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, contact me. BTW There website is underconstruction so they are definitely not down

There was the James Powderly "detainment" thing. I guess he was released. GRL did win a laser cutter in one of the contests but really haven't seen much thereafter. Only recently was there an item from the Austrian or Vienna branch of GRL on Instructables. Here in New York City, they haven't made any big news. Maybe the clamping down of terrorist activities and the bad economy have slowed them down.

Well I'm starting a GRL down here in Florida, and my city Newberry is a little low on cash, we, the FL GRL, plan on leading purposed "attacks" on building down in the dumps, to let them get free news coverage.  I even have the police on our side. Think about the news: Hardees Light Up Like A Christmas Tree!


9 years ago

Well, with the economy in the dumps, the market for graffiti isn't what it used to be. I heard that GRL had to cut back on perks, and has laid off a significant percentage of their workforce. :-;