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GUITAR HERO custom artwork graphics Answered

hello fellow builders! i have been an ible's member for a while now...
i am coming here today to offer up a cool item that i have been getting some good response about.
i am a graphic designer trying to branch out... and make a living. I have a vinyl cutting machine .. been doing some custom guitar skins for guitar hero.

I will cut vinyl for anything you could imagine, but these skins seemed to be pretty popular.

What do you guys think? Comments welcome.
here is a temporary page that shows what i do.

If you are interested, please contact me and we can work out whatever you need.
I can cut you something that NO ONE else has!!!!

[mailto: flea@toomanymorons.com]


i Know this is from 2006, but those look really good ! you should put them on ebay !

thanks. let me know if i can make something for ya.

published: Apr 4, 2008

2006? Oh, you mean when he joined....Joined:May 9, 2006

NP: I have done that enumerable amounts of times...... ;-)