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Gad there are other hackers out there Answered

Glad to know that there are other fellow hackers out there! Check out my hackers association: Microsoft Toll Booth!


Oh no, it seems somehow your site has been frozen. How very unfortunate.

. Aren't you afraid of retaliation? Lions and tigers and bears. Oh, my!

I fear this may be the last I see of my beloved laptop. Farewell, good friend.


10 years ago


odin help us, another bunch of kiddes with an emo site with bad music on it....

and reading the intro.....the person does NOT have a true Hacker (CEH) perspective. Since they clearly "make threats", the site is illegal right on the opening page.

indeed... its crackers like this that give real hackers (like, well, what most of instructables is) a bad name

them and the ignorance of the media...*sigh*

/* end of rant

Goodhart, which programming language do you use? Am I a ninny or is that assembly? Or C?

Those are just JavaScript. the second line, with the /*, is a comment line I have programmed in BASIC (not Visual BASIC, a whole other beast indeed), COBOL (another older language), RPG II (long ago and far away LOL a language I would like to forget), and fooled about with some JavaScripting, a wee bit of PHP, and Perl.....I have a book and a compiler for C#, and one of these days hope to learn that (since I have forgotten most of my COBOL).

D'oh! Wasn't even close. Do you mind programming questions? I have a few projects I want to start...

I don't mind questions, but I might not be able to answer if that is ok :-) I will do my best however ( I haven't programmed in COBOL since 1982; I haven't programmed in BASIC since 1996; I haven't even looked at Assembly for about 16 years; I have yet to work on C#, but I have some recent experience with JavaScripting :-)

Oh, good...my question is about java! Do you know, how could I make something to allow different character sets on ibles? Where do I start?

Like for spanish, russian, french, dutch, chinese, taiwanese...you get the idea. :)

Java? Or Java Script? Java is a programming language, and Java Script is a scripting language (I haven't fooled around with JAVA yet). Assuming you mean Java Script, printing non-English characters is not so hard, however, now that I think about it, the format of the display would have to be completely altered so as to display them (I think). The problem would be how others saw it. If they did not have the same "script", they would not see the same characters.

Oh, sorry, I misread that...I meant just plain 'ol Java.

Thank you Goodhart, this is exactly what I needed! :) I'll try to teach myself when I have the time, a few minutes here and there...

An unassembled example of assembly source code would look like: a 100 mov ax,0002 mov bx,0004 add ax,bx nop

And you program in assembly? My hat's off to you...

Your sentence needs only 3 small little things to be accurate.....it should read:

and you programmed :-)

Yes, long long ago, when computer programming was by the seat of the pants, DOS was king and bulletin boards were the only NET. (I remember having to correct the second "example" program they had in the manual.....*sigh* a typo made the program abort (they jumped to, but forgot to include the label elsewhere in the program and so it jumped "to the end" and stopped LOL).

Assembly was slow (between 4 and 6 instructions lines just to add 1 to 1 and store the answer...), but you could do so many neat things with it

odin help us, another bunch of kiddes

qft, I didn't actually bother visiting it before, being freewebs...

It's crackers like you who give real hackers a bad name. You are also hypocritical. You speak of free speech, yet when anyone says anything against you, you hack them (unless that was just a scam site that you set up yourself and pretended to hack...I think that's what you did. Otherwise the website would already be shut down.)

Oh, and I counted 12 typos.

Oh, he owns both that "MSTB" site as well as the site he claimed to have hacked.
How do I know?
They were made w/ the same freewebs account. Look @ the bottom: "Want your own free site?" the urls:

Look @ the referer ;-)

So sad... so sad...

Ah, that's what I was looking for- I'm not familiar enough with freewebs to find the owner account of the site in the HTML. Ah well. Normally I'd just ignore him, but this guy has over 40 comments mostly claiming to be a "hacking expert", soliciting business for his "hackers asociation"(sic) and sending people batch file "viruses". Oh, and calling people "script kiddies" which I find too ironic for words. I'm not one to try and impede free speech or whatnot, but people like this do nothing but give the site a bad name, and I'm sure eventually someone will have all their stuff deleted by someone who got a "del *.*" batch from the site and then they'll sue or something...

HAHAHAHA! Where did he call people script kiddies? I must have missed that. That's hilarious. I just love his defintion of "trojan horse".

Here, here, here, oh and here... Also this gave me a good chuckle- I'm tempted to send him my IP and say "give me your best shot" just because it might shut him up.

. ROFLMAO to that last link. If I thought he'd pay up (does a 10 yo script-kiddy even have $20?), I'd send him my either of my DN/IPs. . I doubt if it will shut him up - he's more full of himself than I am.

You're right...that is sad...I figured though. If he had really hacked it, it would be shut down already I figured that out all by myself! ;)

It's a shame youn can't who.is freewebs, we could find out who he really is >:]

I figured that out as well, sort of pathetic really. I'm wondering if his cbox is XSS vunerable...

hmm, not really, I think it's kinda like turning up to a gymkhana on a donkey.

Weell, I'm saying he wouldn't give them a bad name, just get laughed at.

Heh. After looking at it a second time, I agree with you. This is probably some 13 year old punk who couldn't plug in a periphrial without help. How pathetic! But very entertaining! :D

Still, because "threats" are made at the site, he could very easily be "visited" by the authorities.

But you might get "hacked"! Don't do it Adrian, no! We'll miss you!!!!

That really did make me laugh out loud! Thanks for the chuckle! :D


10 years ago

Mmm, animated trail following the cursor, a non-scrolling background and quite possibly a template website frmo a free host. Brings back memories of the nineties, geocities and all that. Either a) OP is an epic troll, or b) Maintains ego stroking free websites to convince himself is a "supar l33t h4(k3r lolol" Either way... meh.

*ahem* "A trojan horse creates a bunch of other viruses from one main one." Excuse me for saying, you are extremely wrong. If you call yourself a hacker and yet represent your work with this, then you're surely not a very good one.

Good grief, I didn't even see that...how did this guy even put together the website he did? I'll eat my hat if he even knows what html or css are. Perhaps he just used one of those website wizards...