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Gadget Graveyard Answered

Ever wonder where your recycled electronics go?

From Wired:

"Pictured here is the "demanufacturing" center of the company's [Sims Recycling Solutions] Roseville, California facility, where workers disassemble everything from printers, cameras and computers to Jumbotrons for their reusable materials. The facility receives roughly 150,000 pounds of used electronics a day."

Wired Article.

How to recycle old electronics.


I need a camera!!!! I need a better computer!!!! waaaaaa!!!!

I soooooooooo need those parts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i'm making a pc.

when I lived in Japan there was a computer dump/recycling place about 25 miles form my house. there were roughly 100+ pallets stacked 6 foot high of computers, monitors, printers, laptops, etc wrapped in cling film. It looked surprisingly beautiful in winter when the stacks were covered in snow

if i only had a shipping container full of those goodies.......... ......... ... .

Saved me googling for similar. There're also the people who spend their days in small shacks, laying PCBs on flame-heated hot-plates, breathing in the fumes as the solder melts.

And making fires out of PVC-coated wire? L

That smoke is so warming...


9 years ago

...and yet there are still people who would love to be able to still use them?
Fair enough if they were broken or not working, but if there's still some life left in them then wouldn't recycling them be more logical by putting them back into use?
Like banknotes, they don't remove second-hand or even 100th hand banknotes until they're so worn it's best to take them out of circulation.

how much for the camareas lol . Id love to work their just for the "takehomeables" hehe.