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Gadget Trak 3 released Answered

I'm not one to promote or advocate a lot of products but this is pretty cool. I even know of one person who got their iPhone back after it was stolen. It's not cheap but it seems to work, catch criminals and it's still cheaper than the replacement cost of getting new stuff. I haven't checked yet but I'm guessing it'd also get you a break on your insurance if you insure your gear. Might be enough to pay for the service. 



Yes, it's great news for every one. GadgetTrak 3 provides the most advanced data protection and theft recovery solution for laptops, taking back control of stolen devices from the thief. Cheap Electronics | China Netbook

My school got broken into last year and the thieves stole 24 laptops a few netbooks and none of them were recovered. If they would have invested in a service such as GadgetTrak it would have saved them 1,000's of dollars. I was quite shocked myself that they didn't already have some sort of tracking installed already. It seem like this would be typical for schools. The crazy thing is even after the loss they still have not invested in tracking.
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