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Gags? Answered

Hiya Kinksters!

So, I've a question: have you any instructables on how to make different forms of gags? We've got lots of restraint ideas, but no mmpphh'ables. Thoughts?



The pet store is a great place to find things of this nature. A simple ball gag can be made from most any dog toy ball. solid or hallow for a solid ball, drill a hole then push a 1/8 inch square rod through. bend the ends to hold whatever kind of strap you want. one-wrap velcro works great.

I've stumbled upon this because I had the same question. Hmm... I'm looking or a ball or bit gag plan. I have eyeballed a lot of stuff at the craft store but didn't see much that I felt comfortable having shoved in my mouth *giggles* I'm thinking of browsing the pet store next - maybe a kong toy could be modded out to fashion something handy?

Tell me, does this smell like chloroform?

I guess it is a DIY proposition.

That it is! Somehow, though, I think we should stay away from chemicals. Especially those we shouldn't have!