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Galaxy .25 Full Metal Spring Airsoft Pistol Answered

Hallo, I am considering getting the Galaxy .25 Full Metal Spring Airsoft Pistol from Shorty USA. I have a few questions, though. I was wondering if anyone actually has this gun. And if you do, what do you think, and do you know any mods to make it fire faster than the 170 F.P.S. that it does? My last question is; Does anyone know any other place to get it besides Shorty USA or eBay?




7 years ago

I got mine off amazon

Do you know of any reviews for the JG G3?

other places to buy airsoft. -kapowwe(sp?) -airsoldier -pyramid air -redwolf airsoft -hobbytron(most of em suck) -airsplat

You forgot airsoft GI. But I was actually referring to that particular gun, IE full metal Colt .25.

go to airsoftmegastore.com   everything is really inexpensive compared to everywhere else. they have a gas version of that gun for 20 dollars. it has 250 fps. great deal im gonna get it

why do you want THIS particular gun? there are many better uses for you money than bying something this worthless.

Maybe I want THIS particular gun. Do you argue with a zombie when it wants YOUR particular brain? What about THAT GUY'S particular brain?

Davidelvis; Cool, but I don 't really want to spend $100 total on a whole bunch of stuff, but I'll still check out the website. (The "reply" to your comment was hiding behind the featured list)

Do you just pull the trigger on this gun and it fires, or does it have a functional slide?

It is a spring pistol, so you have to pull the slide. I am not even sure there is an airsoft pistol without a working slide, 'cept maybe a cheap NBB.

there are plenty. they use CO2 cartridges, though. and 170 f.p.s. is horrible.

Kk then, I have got a JG BAR 10 airsoft sniper rifle in 2 tone because I live in England, it is 410 fps, freaking class. I am planning on getting a clear beretta 92f because that looks to be a good gun.

Apart from spring replacement not really, but replacing the spring most likely means replacing the parts retaining the spring under force and maybe the whole trigger mechanism to cope with the extra stored energy, also it would become very hard to cock, think of a G-10, their design uses a double cocking action to get more power by doing the compression in two parts.

I thought about spring replacement, but it is a really small gun, so it would be quite hard to do.

Yeah, it would be a nuisance... you could swap the barrel and load smaller bullets but that seems pointless...

Yeah, the whole point of this gun is to be small, so that you can put it in your shoe and escape if caught, or at least go down fighting. I saw a gas one on kapowwe awhile back, might get that one.

Oh right, didn't know how small it is, used to have a gas powered colt .25 mini, that bad boy only fired seven shots but was obscenenly powerful, the spring ones were good as well, with suprising range...

Yeah, the site said 130+ foot range, or something like that.

not accurate as such but the shot gets there, if you know the gun you can shoot that far easily...

Hmm, not entirely sure I understand what you are saying. From what I read, the spring gun has a seven-shot clip and can shoot 130+ feet accurately, albeit with a firing angle of 20o or so.

Eh thought you meant the springer whi that range... tha gas one is great, really powerful but the shortness of the barrel detracts from it.

Yeah, gas airsoft guns need longer barrels to allow for a bigger buildup of gases.

i got the galaxy 25 and i put some paint remover on it and polished it to a shiny nickel plated finishand a made wood grips for it. all my friends say that it looks so real and that i better be carefull cuz now days you can get killed for having a replica. and to top it off i bought it brand new at a flea market for $7.00 i think its a very cool little pistol.

probably a bit overkill on a 7$ pistol but sounds pretty nice...

there nothing to improve the fps on a spring action pistol this small if i were you i would avoid getting this gun

i have this gun and it is very good. It is VERY small and after about a year, you have to open it up and clean off the dust on the trigger thing, but it is very easy to open and put back together. AWESOME GUN. you can also buy it at AirSplat.com for under $15.00

I do own this lil kicker and I love it! I have ALOT of airsoft guns and this lil bad boy is one I'll always take with me to a match. Its a great gun to hide and use for a back up to your secondary weapon! great buy!

well i have never had this one but my brother had a bigger pistol 200 fps ,and the clip broke (from abuse but still) then the slide on the top broke. this one looks good... how much money is it?

Around $13 dollars after shipping, I did post a link to the origional site....

it is! And I found a semi-auto NBB gas version as well! Is airsofting legal where you live? I think it is legal in Scotland.....

It is legal here, there are airsoft centres where you can play in the woods and complexs with other airsofters.

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