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Galaxy s4 LCD driver Answered

I hope im posting this in the right place, has annyone found a driver for the galaxy s4 (or simmilar) LCD panel, i have recently tried to replace the cracked glass and a small mistake later i destroyed the touch capability of the LCD assembly, it would be a waste of a completly good full HD 5" AMOLED LCD so i was wondering if annyone has anny idea if a (fake chinese or something) driver board exists for this LCD so you could plug a HDMI on it ...

thank you ! 


It is something that is protected and you have little chance to find even the info on the connections itself.

Even in the repair centers they use another phone to check displays...

There are many different "universal" boxes for driving small displays. But they can be costly and may not work most of the time unless you are certain of the make and model of the screen and the box you have is compatible with it.