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Game Stop pays you "?????" for games Answered

Hello! I was wondering, how much does game stop pay you for a game? Thanks! (I'm too lazy to go to game stop)



7 years ago

How much do you guys think their gonna pay me for wwe 2011 and FIFA 2010 and old ugly king kong??

It depends on the popularity of the game, the more popular, the more they give you.  The better it works, they more they give you.  You get 20% more if you take their store credit. 


10 years ago

put them on ebay you will get more. game stop was only going to give me $6 for four game.

i don't have an ebay account not old enough

hey well im  wondering if you guys have any ideas on how much cash i might get if i sell call of duty 4 modern warfare and prototype at gamestop

Price is dependent on:
  • Release of game
  • Popularity
  • Case?
  • Condition
  • Demand for the game
  • Money or store credit.

Call them up, they should be able to give you a decent idea considering that the game is in decent condition.

And also how many used copies they have. If they only have 1 used copy, they'll offer more so then people can rock up and buy used copies.

ok, what about those horrible games that no one hears about? How much can i get?

ya thats important. they don't take PS1 or N64 games anymore.

Ya, GameStop doesn't, but some local Game Stores do.

oh, a bunch; -Resident evil, CODE: Veronica X -Seek And Destroy -The Simpsons Hit & Run -Rebel Raiders: Operation NIghthawk -DT racer -Suzuki TT Superbikes

I've seen a few of those hanging out gathering dust at my local game stop. They didn't want more than $10 to sell them on average, so expect to get someplace between $3 and $6. Just for the record, if I were in your area, I'd probably buy the last three. I'm a sucker for games like those.

Whenever I trade in my games at my local gamecrazy (the people there are nicer than people in gamestop, in my opinion), I get a different price. I trade in the old ones I don't play anymore, like all my old PS2 games. I got 12 bucks for Okami on PS2. But I bought the wii version again... You get more for store credit than cash. BTW.

Nothing they pay you so little it's better not to sell it to them!!!!!

I was going to give them some of my games for cash but I looked around and found that if i sold them on ebay then i could get more money.

Depends on how old and how popular the game is.

Game dependant and you can get alot of store credit in comparison to hard cash... Some rare games may fetch a pretty heft price tag for you...