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Game pieces for life size Operation game Answered

This is for a halloween carnival and will be used over and over again, so I would like for it to be fairly sturdy.  I thought of cutting insulating foam and using it, but it would probably break easily.  Other ideas I have had:

plastic styrene sheeting (yard sign material)
plastic dip (dip foam pieces in it?)
great stuff foam

I would like for the pieces to be white, fairly sturdy, about 1" thick or so.  Nothing is jumping out at me as inexpensive and durable.

Thanks for any help!


I think I came up with a cheap and easy solution. I am going to cut out felt shaped "pillows". These will be easy for the little kids to pick up with the tongs also.

Nice. I was going to say possibly a plastic skeleton taken apart would work and there are loads of these around right now.

I saw a life-size version at Derby Maker Faire.

The "body" was a shop mannequin, with holes cut in it and boxes fixed behind the holes.

The body was painted silver, and had various flashing parts fitted, and the "bones" were actually electronic scraps - pieces of circuit-board, mysterious pieces from inside VCRs etc.