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Game replica airsoft guns? Answered

For the last four/five months, I've been on the search for a site selling a large number of airsoft replica guns.  By that, I mean replicas from games, movies, etc. Specifically, Halo. I lack the time, resources, money, skill, and tools to build one myself, and can't seem to find any site no matter what search engine I use.  Any help would be very greatly appreciated!


Chances are you won't find one. In order for a company to make a replica gun from a movie or game they would need a licensing agreement with the owners of said media. This kind of thing costs a lot of money so most companies won't seek those agreements unless they know there is a substantial market for them.

I've only really found two working guns that are replicas-a pistol from ME3 and the Aliens Pulse Rifle. Both are over 200 or so, though.

That's because they are one of a kind or the people are paying royalties in order to sell the replicas.

Making your own however is only a question of cladding an existing weapon.