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Game: what the heck is this!? Round 2 Answered

What the heck is this? In this case, I know exactly what it is. Here's a hint: The pictures were taken at the Harvard Natural History Museum.


that is obviously a spider encased in glass

I would "guess" that this is from the Museum of Comparative Zoology ;-) The first and third pictures resemble Arachnids of some sort, but the middle one, if of the same creature, doesn't bare the same resemblance.

How did I miss this first time? The middle one is different, it's the "Spiny Orb Weaver" a common Florida species.

Well, at least I identified it as an arachnid.... :-)

Answer is posted! Check the image with the label.

Its a conspiracy! They all lied to you! They wanted to keep the great-horned wilderbeastae (that's plural, of course) bottled up and away from society, but I knew, ohh I knew alright! They called me crazy, off my rocker, but its all LIES!

your crazy... we i mean they arent trying to hide anything. stop spreading these rumors or we may have to send out our army of genetically altered super monkeys i mean wait... you didnt read that... crap...

genetically altered monkeys? Please leave the government out of this ! LOL

After these many months of research, I conclude that is it indeed a chupacabra. You are wrong Mr. Eric, if that is your real name, Alexadre Mariachi Kabul. You are indeed an illegal alien to amazing U S of A.


10 years ago

One word: Chupacabra

oohhh ohhhh! i know, its an orb weaver! im so smart.

They are bottled great-horned wilderbeast -- taken with tilt-shift photography to make them look smaller than they really are.


10 years ago

These appear to be examples of the Great Southwest Horned Spider.

I did not see this second round ... Are the 3 pic from the same jar ?

I'd say they are crabs ... More precisely : Energizing drinks with weird crabs species ... into ice cubes.

At first I thought they were encased in amber, but on second glance, saw it was an amber liquid and not a solid (take note of the vials at the top of the middle picture).

If we consider this liquid is a preservative, we could say that samples in pic 1 and 3 have a carapace that prevent them to rotten, and that samples in pic 2 are more sensitive to decomposition ... (This genius deduction is a little step for me, but a great step for the rest of the world !!!!!) =o)

Looks like some sort of horned/armored beetle, but I have no idea. :P

Was this one too hard, or did it just get buried? I'll post the answer tomorrow morning.

it's in the arthropod section...i know that much


10 years ago

Ew! Looks like someone has a nasty case of the crabs!