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Gameboy Mintyboost Solar ???? You tell me Answered

First off, I'm a noob, but so far I have learned a lot. I have made the mintyboost with the solar ipod charger mod, but I had to put it in something different that a mint can. So naturally I went back to my roots and thought of the old school gameboy.
So my ??? for you the educated and creative community is what else can I put in this case for fun? 
On the front are 8 possible switches I could use to turn on/off led lights, mp3player, spy camera, taser, simon says, etc
I just wanted your ideas on what you would put in.


Try telling us how you made it i am less than a noob in this department. I am trying to find all the gameboy mods and us them.

That takes 4x - 6V, sounds like a good idea. Chunky though, boost not needed for 5V.