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Gameboy/Ipod Interface, eh? Answered

So I have my old Gameboy Color and I have my Ipod. The color doesnt have much use as I dont use it very often but I use the Ipod all the time. I want to put the two together to form something cool and/or intersting. I don't want to simply make a case or anything, I would rather wire up a cartridge to display the...display of the Ipod. Added functionality would be in the use of the buttons to change volume and track and whatnot. Any help would be awesome.



10 years ago

Well, you could easily hardwire your other mp3 player into the gameboy, and just wire it to the buttons already there, but the scrrens a whole different thing.

thinking of just steampunking the hell out of it. i need to make a tri-driver to open the case of the gameboy though. that is the only really annoying part. i will also probably make a better sound system for it. we will see on...friday? i work too much...

I guess you could buy the tri screwdriver on ebay for about 4$, or so I'm told.
Since I have to get my parents to but stuff for me online I almost am never able to get stuff, otherwise I would of tried something like this. =(
(If you have a set of small screwdrivers you might be able to open the case with those also)

im just gonna bring out the dremel and make a new tool. its quicker.

What are your skills in electronics ?

If you have none or few, I don't want to discourage you, but I'm afraid it would almost be an impossible mission.

Just in case you'd want some tracks to follow :

To make a GB cartridge that would control external devices, you'd need to know how works these electronics parts :
- a flash EPROM (to store the program) like an ATC29C512 for instance.
- a flash EPROM programmer (to write the program into the EPROM)
- some TTL logic circuits, or an old i8255 equivalent/counterpart, or a MCU (Atmel AVR or MicroChip PIC)

Of course, you'll need technical info about the GB architecture itself : http://www.devrs.com/gb/

To create the program stored into the EPROM, you'd need knowledges about the 8080 or Z80 microprocessor (the microprocessor of the GB is based on them). You'd need to know how to write and compile your program in Z80 Assembly or C programming languages ...

If you have a question, just ask, I'll try to help you.

Thanks for the actual response and words of actual knowledge. I can solder to over NASA standards but my knowledge of programming is very low. I have another MP3 player(Creative Zen 512mb) that I might just hardwire in. I am thinking of also saving the gameboy for another project and using my sega genesis controller belt buckle as the base for the MP3 casing. I will have to figure this out.