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Gamepad for a Motorola Droid Pro smartphone at all possible? Answered

After seeing the Game-Gripper for various keypad smartphones, I wanted to have a gamepad for my phone as well. but i own a Motorola Droid Pro from Verizon and the screen and keyboard aren't right for some decent widescreen gaming. I dont think the game-gripper company makes pads for this kind of phone, so does anyone have any ideas on how i could either get or make a gamepad for this phone?


I've recently heard that you can use a wii remote to play games on android.Just search for wii at market

ftr, I got the following list of supported devices right off Game-Gripper's website, right there on the front page, and it shows that Game-Gripper supports the following models

Samsung Epic - NEW V2!
Motorola Droid/LG Ally
Motorola Droid 2
Samsung Moment
Motorola Backflip
Motorola Devour
Nokia N900

As for building your own....mold a fireable clay onto the body of the phone (see Joann fabric or a similar hobby crafts store for that ovenhardenable clay they make for kids.

Then use the clay item to cast a plastic one using a low temp engineering modeling plastic that is cast into a rubber/etc mold made from the clay item.

Then layout and machine it to fit a lid that houses mechanical actuators for the buttons you will be using.

Then create the lid by carefully measuring the button locations relative to the body and duplicating them onto some lid material.

Then assemble it all.

Sounds likes fun or a big pita.