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Games to play with someone in class? Answered


You could play the study game. 

You as him a question and if he gets it right he gets a point.  Then you trade.  At the end of the semester you both win and get better grades, your parents are ecstatic buy you both new cars, you start dating cheerleaders and graduate at the top of your class.  You both go on to college get degrees.  He becomes a doctor and takes over he father inlaws practice.  You go to law school and get a law degree pass the bar with the highest score ever then go directly in politics.  Work you way up and are elected Pres.  You finally solve the health care mess.  And in the process meet up with you old classmate again who is almost ready with a cancer breakthru and you help him and you both get the Nobel prize in medicine.

Or you could just play thumb football and say "do you want fries with that"  all your life.

I'm not even sure how to respond to that level of party-pooping.

-Y (?)

Classy. No "This is what I think abot your argument" no "here's what's wrong with that statement", just "And you prove my point". If someone doesn't like what I said, I'd at least like to hear why. Vagueness is the illusion of wit (along with nonsense, abrasion, and not knowing what the hell you're talking about).


Therefore, since brevity is the soul of wit,
And tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes,
I will be brief: your noble son is mad:
- Billy Shakespeare
(my emphasis)

If you actually read my comment above your comment about "party-pooping" and didn't know how to respond to it then you don't have a clue what getting a chance to go to school and get an education means.

If you think school is the "party I'm pooping" then you too will be asking "Do you want frys with that, dude?"

Now if the original question had been " What are some games to play at PLAY TIME in class", my comments would have been completely different.

I played too much in school and if you're still in high school or younger I'd trade lives with you in a heartbeat if I got to do it all over again.  Make the best use of school and play after you get out.

Become the president??
Haven't you noticed, whoever happens to be the president is subject to the most unrelenting and indiscriminate criticism and mockery?

Well there is that to think about.  But he does get to fly around in a big plane all the time.

If I had that many people hating on me just because of my job, no plane in the world could cheer me up. I would jump out of it WITHOUT a parachute. You couldn't PAY me enough money to be the Target of the United States.

Also there is nothing wrong with inquiring about whether a particular person desires fried potatoes with their meal...

It is pretty limited.  If that's what you want out of life then it is a perfect match.  But most people want more out of life than a job like that can provide and most people are more likely to get more out of life with a better education.  Or at least paying attention to the one they're being offered.

I played in school and have spend a lifetime trying to catch up and having to work harder to get ahead than my associates who got their education the first time.

As a CAREER? Never mind. That WOULD suck. I was talking about asking people that as a hobby.

what class LOL in my french class we blow spitballs into targets and see who can get the most points

Once, while taking a short cut through the drama department in high school, I happened upon a piece of PVC tubing used for the fog machine about 1 foot long and 1 inch or so in diameter.

It took chewing a half a piece of paper to create the spitball, but they were satisfying to shoot at people and they stuck to the outdoor signs for years.  I gave my friend a headache by shooting him once in the temple.

yeahthat sounds like it was fun! frech and latin class we have a chinese teacher who can barely speak english so there is nothing better to do other than throw paper airplanes and shoot spitballs at each ohter

what about bogies!!,or the one where you poke your friend with a sharp pencil and they poke you back first to make a noise loses!
you can also write on  your calculator !course you couldd always play who can do the most work game (not so fun!) or even the im ill with swine flu because i need to go home and play on my ps3 one!