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Gaming in school Answered

Does anyone know of games websites/ links that are not blocked by a schools filtration system? I get so damn bored in ICT lessons


Well I usally Use Google To find this Unblocked Games At School many searches showing me : https://www.sites.google.com/site/huntingunblockedgames/

If any of you guys have a filtering system called sonar/blue reef. All you need is a teacher's password.

When you go to a blocked page, click on edit policy and enter their details. Then you can get access to the whole internet.

That's what we did at my school. The IT teacher hasn't noticed yet :) but I bet she will soon though... We all go on youtube

Here's the solution.
1. open notepad and type: Command.com Save this as cmd.bat YOU MUST PUT .BAT!
2. Run this. Double click it, it should not have a notepad icon. This runs command prompt.
3. Type: net localgroup hit enter. Look at the list and find out what they call the administrators.
4. Type net local group whatevertheycalltheadministrators somename/ADD

Now when you google search, click cached instead of the main link. Or if command prompt is still open, Type: ping whatever.com and write down the ip address. type this into your broser's address bar.

bob, ted, edd, freddy, KITT, Chuck_Norris, whatever ya want. Might not work. Some admins block this.

the easiest way that i get onto websites is to write a batch file -->right click on desktop -->go to 'new text document' -->write ping myspace.com pause --> save as myspace.bat. myspace is just an example, any websites with / in the name won't work. after it is saved as .bat it will appear as a picture of a cog on your desktop. open it, and type the numbers that appear into the url space in the internet page.

Usually schools who run windows block right clicking. :/

mine doesnt! but the computers in the comp lab have cad on them for the cad class so maybe they need right clicking

na my core teacher has comps and they dont have right click disabled.

Gprime? If that doesn't work, Google Free games and go through them till you find one that works. There's thousands of them so you're bound to find one.

I used to use these
But then the admin blocked them too
So to find a way round it my friend created a website
If you click on the word SOUP in the top right corner you can access games.
If you would like any specific games on there PM me and I'll get him to upload them.


10 years ago


I used https://www.kproxy.com for myspace once. You just go to it and then type in the name of the website and it'll go to it.


10 years ago

Mann At School I'm So Bored In My Computers 2 Class...I Would Like To Playy Somee Games But It Seems Like Everywhere I Try To Go It's Blocked!

I use AndysLife.org for my school gaming. We have a ridiculous filter, and it isn't blocked.


www.javagameplay.com its ok


10 years ago

almost every proxy is blocked. they're smart at my school

you could use a proxie but you will have to find ones that aren't blocked. Just type proxies in to google.


I can't find the original site, but this is a great 2D tank game. It's a Java game, and fits easily on a USB.

Tank-Killen II is the best network game ever. My whole class would play this in com-sci, until the teacher started remotely shutting the PC of whoever was playing it :/

they have unreal on the computers at my school for the game dev classes.


10 years ago

you can try kongregate for games there's some really good ones, dunno if it'd be blocked.

Depending on type of filter used, web-based CGI or PHP Proxies might work.
There are loads to choose from, here and here. I personally use ATunnel to get past filters in my workplace (solely for research purposes)
Be warn that speed will be much slower when browsing through a proxy, and some are riddled with popups.

Punks right, there is a reason they are blocked. But if you are either effotlessly brilliant (like me LOL), or simply dont care, there are several Instructables on getting around web filters.

Be glad you try that during work and your ass is out on the street.

Well,...usually theres a reason why the websites that are blocked are you know.


10 years ago

Luckily this isn't blocked. I'm in school now : )